Play Submission

Are you a Canadian woman, two-spirit, trans, or non-binary creator with a large cast play? If so, then the Pledge Play Submission Form is for you!

PLEDGE stands for a “Production Listing to Enhance Diversity and Gender Equity.” The project’s main goal is to increase the number of plays by women, two-spirit, trans, and non-binary creators produced at post-secondary theatre training programs (and beyond) in Canada. Learn more here.

The Pledge website provides a resource to help educators address imbalances in post-secondary theatre programs. Though achieving gender equity is the main goal of Pledge, we aim to help improve the overall diversity of voices reflected in Canadian theatre education. Our searchable database lists plays written by Canadian women, two-spirit, trans, and non-binary creators with a cast size of six or more performers. This criteria is key as plays produced at schools for education usually need large cast sizes given the number of students involved.

Your play must meet three simple eligibility requirements to be added to the Pledge database:

1) One of the authors must identify as a Canadian woman, two-spirit, trans, or non-binary creator;

2) The play must have a large cast (6 or more characters);

3) The work must be available to the public somehow (e.g. published, in PGC’s Copyscript Program, by emailing playwright, etc.).

If you have a qualifying play, please fill out the Play Submission form below. We will let you know when your play has been added to the Pledge database.

If you have a cover image that you would like displayed, or any production or workshop photos, please email them to (along with the photo credits). Please note that photos need to be less than 1500 px to be uploaded to the site.