Aphra Behn’s The Rover

Written by:

Gyllian Raby

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 7




20th Century


90 min.

Year Written:



This adaptation sets Aphra Behn’s The Rover at the close of the Spanish Civil War, where her defeated and exiled Cavalier soldiers become the defeated and exiled Comrades of the Republican International Brigade. But Carnival does not wait on politics, and the sassy thrill-seeking heroines of the play know that Love is all you need. They put their lovers through an obstacle course of disguise, intrigue and high adventure…


FLORINDA, a Spanish lady (eldest of Pedro’s three sisters), recently fled to Naples, in love with Belvile

A BLACKSHIRT, with the Fascists in Naples

BISKEY, a Bravo, bodyguard to Angelica

BELVILE,  volunteer with the Abraham Lincoln International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War, in love with Florinda

FREDERICK, of the Abraham Lincoln International Brigade (friend to Belvile and Wilmore)

WILMORE, of the Abraham Lincoln International Brigade (friend to Belvile and Frederick)

NED BLUNT, a Yankee with wealth and no brains

HELLENA, a Spanish lady destined to be a nun (youngest sister to Pedro, Florinda, and Valeria)

VALERIA, a Spanish lady (sister to Pedro, Hellena, and Florinda)

DON PEDRO, a Spanish gentleman (brother to Florinda, Valeria, and Hellena), in love with Angelica

CALLIS, Governess to the sisters in the House of Don Pedro

STEPHANO, retainer to Don Pedro

PHILLIP, servant to Ned Blunt

DON ANTONIO, son to the Fascist Governor of Naples, in love with Angelica (and intending to wed Florinda)

SANCHO, a pimp in the underworld of Naples

LUCETTA, a refugee turned to whoring who cons men of their money

ANGELICA BIANCA,  a famous courtesan of Spain

MORETTA, the Madam who runs Angelica’s business

SEBASTIEN, a Bravo, bodyguard to Angelica

THREE COURTEZANS, prologue and provocateurs of Naples

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