Aristotle’s Poetics

Written by:

Jennifer Fraser

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 6
  • Women: 10






110 min.


Aristotle’s Poetics explores the lives of people who live with pain, whether physical or psychological. At the centre of the narrative is the struggle of Rob Kingsley, a middle-aged poet suffering from severe diabetes, which leaves him in constant pain and affects his ability to write. He begins to teach a literature class at a local high school and soon finds that he is not the only one in pain. Each of the students in his class suffers from their own internal strife and each is forced to explore their methods of coping over the course of their classes with Mr. Kingsley.

Told both through traditional narrative and more abstract means, Aristotle’s Poetics presents a frank and honest portrayal of the effects pain has not only on the sufferers but on those around them. Dark themes are explored unflinchingly as the story delves into flawed personalities and brings up a raw reflection of its characters’ struggles. (From the CPO Website)


ROB KINGSLEY — 50; Poet and Teacher
SHARON KINGSLEY — 50; Poet, Rob’s wife, Justine’s mother
JUSTINE KINGSLEY — 20; University student
JOYCE QUARRINGTON — 50; Principal and Sharon’s sister
SOPHIA PHILLIPS — 40; Counsellor
MAX LEIRE — 18; Student with drug problem
CONNOR — 18; Student and Basketball player
TONY / CHOKE — 17; Student and Basketball player
THADDEUS — 18; Student who’s very academic
MIKE — 17; Student and Drummer
CASSIE — 17; Student and Cutter
ERIN — 17; Student who shoplifts
ANGELIQUE — 18; Student and Queen Bee
AINSLEY / EYE-SHADOW — 17; Student and Wanna Be
MASCARA — 18; Student and Wanna Be
LIP-STICK — 18; Student and Wanna Be

The Chorus is made up of a group of masked actors who double with Thaddeus, Mike, Connor, Choke, Angelique, Ainsley, Erin and Cassie. They are the shadow selves. The Chorus speaks in unison at times, as groups of three or as pairs, or as a single voice at times depending on the actors’ and director’s vision. One or two chorus members sit in and observe the action.


Aristotle’s Poetics is available through the CPO Website.

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