Written by:

Sandra Dempsey

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 2



Year Written:



Septuagenarian Aunts Violet and Molly are living their eclectic lives in relative peace amidst nuclear annihilation, until their commando nephew Nathan and his inconvenient realities storm back into their house. As the aunts struggle to resist, Nathan eyes young ward Seanasy for mandatory conscription in his military. But when the boy is found to have taken his life, Nathan is horrified to discover Molly and Violet have been less than ideal guardians. The terrors without are all-consuming and their worst fears become them. Molly concentrates on preservation, Violet chooses her own escape, and Nathan concedes defeat and decides he must stay. A disturbing, cautionary tale with the flavour of a Lorca.


VIOLET – a wiry, white-haired spinster “aunt” in her 70s; somewhat eccentric; she is the husband, with a grasp of reality thrust upon her

MOLLY – a round, white-haired spinster “aunt” in her 70s; somewhat eccentric; she is the wife, given to orbiting reality and the moment, with spurts of a sort of verbal/thought Turrets syndrome

SEANASY – a pasty-white, hairless 9-year-old boy; ward of the “aunts;” terrified; (Seanasy pronounced ‘shin-AY-zee’)

NATHAN – a robust, well-groomed commando sergeant in full combat kit, in his early 20s; “nephew” of the “aunts;” up-tight and AWOL; when in doubt, he tries to revert to his training, regardless of its appropriateness

First Produced:

HCC Theatre Minnesota - directed by Mike Ricci


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