Bingo Wings

Written by:

Paddy Gillard-Bentley

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 4






90 min.

Year Written:



Celia and Edna in a waiting room in Heaven…waiting for their husbands to – well, die. Unknown to them, they married the same man…and he’s remarried to the 58 year old tart, Skeeter – who is close on the heels to arrive in Heaven. So – who gets Manny for eternity? Seems the only sane thing to do, is play a game of bingo for Manny. God’s idea. God, a woman in her sixties – seemingly – who dresses a bit extravagantly, but with sensible shoes. Witten for a more mature cast with four possible endings – your choice,


EDNA SICILIA – She chatty, old fashioned and a bit neurotic. She’s 65. Manny’s first wife.

CELIA not SICILIA – She is 70ish. Seems younger than Edna. More hip. More sixties. She has a sardonic, witty sense of humour. She is dressed more modern than Edna. Celia is Manny’s second wife.

MANNY SICILIA – 74. A bit of a Guido. Gold Capricorn chain, etc.

SKEETER SICILIA – The young tart – his third wife. She’s dressed a little tacky, a little Country and Western. She’s 58.

GOD – An eccentric woman who looks 66. She is dressed dramatically, all white, filmy and sparkly, even a bit gaudy…but for the sensible shoes.

GABRIEL (Larry) – Not exactly the angel you’d expect. Of a respectable age to be crushing madly on God. Exactly 62. He’s an old hippie who was married to Celia for a moment, until she lost him in the crowd at Woodstock.

PLEASE NOTE. I expect people to cast with diversity and inclusion. There is no specific race/culture/sexual choice given to the characters, although Manny feels Italian. God definitely feels like she might be a Lesbian.

First Produced:

Time Boom Productions - Gimli, MB, Aug 2013


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