Candy Cane Kids Holiday Musical

Written by:

Barbara Mitchell

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Indigenous Peoples: 5
  • Men: 5
  • People of Colour: 14
  • Women: 9






90 min.

Year Written:



Cookie, Pep, and Stripe make up the Marketing Team at McJingle’s Inc. Their job? To monitor, measure and analyze the Christmas spirit across Canada. However, this year, the cheery three-o discover that the Canadian Christmas spirit is dangerously low. Could it be caused by the dreaded humbugs? Raising spirits across Canada will require some teamwork. Using their social media, Jinglegram, they decide to broadcast live! They sing, dance, bake, and cheer on Canada in this ninety-minute festive extravaganza

The show was created to attract young children and their families to the joy of musical theatre and what better theme than Christmas. Candy Cane Kids Holiday Show gives families an opportunity to start a new musical tradition at Christmas with a wonderful message. The interactive nature of the musical encourages audience participation, which seems to elevate the theatre experience.


Pep – Male curious, funny, lots of spirit, believes in Christmas, impish,likes playing video games, but has a secret desire to be a rockstar

Cookie – sweet, child like, sensitive, wears sweet personality full of optimism, her pencil has a large pom pom on the end, easily distracted, her toolbox is filled with all things sweet, easily excited

Stripe – in command, responsible, energetic, funny, serious about what Christmas spirit is, she has earned her stripes, she has natural cheer, believes in the power of candy canes

Mr. McJingle – Edward McJingle –
Character reference Tim Conway
Owner of the company, but answers to the “Big Guy” himself (Santa Claus) but this is not really mentioned, just referred to. He is the founder and CEO of whose mission it is to measure and calculate Canadian Christmas spirit.
He believes in the importance of Christmas spirit. He’s like a kid at Christmas and throughout the year but not very good at business. He’s a true Canadian who pretends to know what’s going on in his business, but in reality, depends on Mr. Short to do the real numbers work. .. he is a bit over his head.
He talks fast when nervous and has an addictive sweet tooth. He wears a Christmas sweater, Christmas socks. He is a bit disheveled and eats candy and cookies to keep his jitters down. Loud noises scare him! He offers people candy canes like cigarettes and carries them around in his pocket. He is very dependent on Mr. Short the COO and Mrs. Snooze his assistant and office manager.
We want to empathize with him. He has the ultimate belief in Christmas. mcJingles has been passed down to him through the generations. He has much to lose if th company goes out of business

Mr. Short – His full name is Marvin Short. Character reference is Harvey Corman. He wears a suit, large glasses and an oversized Christmas tie. He constantly checks and talks on his phone. He is numbers guy and business guy who truly believes in the company. He has stock in McJingles and will lose his investment if they fo out of business , but do very well financially if the company does well. He enters the stage checking and talking on his phone. His job is to get spirit numbers up. He is a little intimidated, and a little afraid of Mrs. Snooze – the office manager. He is a more serious character , he is firm and decisive.

Mrs. Snooze- office manager, who answers to Mr. Short, and Mr McJingle. She enters requesting spirit updates throughout the show. She is blunt like a sergeant major .Mr. McJingle and Mr.Short are both a little afraid of her and she knows it. She dresses in a red office suit and carries a very very large pencil that she points with.
Character reference – Ellen Brennen – Private Benjamin

The Humbugs

The antagonists. They wear black bowler hats and long dark green coats. They attach themselves to characters and eat away at their Christmas spirit.

First Produced:

The musical was produced as a film during Covid 19 and recieved a Laurel by The Toronto Film Festival - category Women in Film 2019


The play can be accessed by emailing the playwright at


The IMDB for the film can be found here, and the promo can be found here.