Clean Slate (Table Rase)

Written by:

Catherine Chabot, in collaboration with, Brigitte Poupart, Vicky Bertrand, Marie-Anick Blais, Rose-Anne Déry, Sarah Laurendeau, Marie-Noëlle Voisin, Jennie Herbin (Translator)

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 6






95 min.

Year Written:



Six friends gather at a site of their shared childhood: They drink, they laugh, but most importantly, they admit things they’ve never before had the courage to say. Inspired by the seemingly incomprehensible decision of their friend, the girls make a pact to shed their traumas and bad habits and start afresh. With the honesty and intimacy of a deathbed, Clean Slate (Table Rase) allows the audience to eavesdrop on a brave, messy, and above all authentic portrait of millennial sisterhood.


MARIE-ANICK, 27, an old soul for whom wisdom came with illness. She has a calm, firm and steady strength.

VICKY, 28, steadfastly believes in the beauty of the world. She is maternal, radiant and comforting.

SARAH, 27, loyal, frank and at times controlling. She has a knack for organization and, even more so, for friendship.

ROSE, 27, self-assured, good sense of humour, a hedonist who lives life to the fullest, as though to spite the modern world.

MARIE-NOËLLE, 28, anxious. Has no filter. She is searching for the meaning of her existence through spirituality and pop psychology.

CATHERINE, 27, disappointed romantic or frustrated cynic, she is combative by nature. Her sense of humour redeems her.

DELIVERY GUY, age doesn’t matter much. He works at the village pizza parlour.

The characters are named after the actors who created the show. However, the characters’ names are never mentioned.

First Produced:

Table Rase premiered on November 18th, 2015 at Espace Libre in Montréal. Clean Slate premiered on March 18th, 2019 at La Chapelle Theatre in Montreal.


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This translation is commissioned and developed by Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal’s Cole Foundation Emerging Translator program. Dramaturg: Maureen Labonté.