Written by:

Dyanna Jacklin

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Indigenous Peoples: 6
  • LGBTQ+: 6
  • Men: 3
  • People of Colour: 6
  • People with Disabilities: 6
  • Women: 3






90 min.

Year Written:



This play takes place completely in the busy and booming teacher’s lounge at Central Collegiate Elementary School. In Dismissed, the audience takes a deep dive into the life of an educator, witnessing many of the hilarious moments teachers go through (that you almost couldn’t make up) as well as the darker side to education- the things you hope your students never find out about. Dismissed has a cast of six- three females and two males as well as one character than can be played by either a man or woman, depending on casting. All five teachers and principal are give first and last names; however first and last names can and should be changed to reflect the backgrounds and ethnicities of those cast in the play. Dismissed will make you laugh out loud and pull at your heartstrings at the same time. We’ve all been to school at one time or another and have likely suspected what this play will prove: that the best lessons are learned in the teacher’s lounge.


Vivian: the go-getter who’ll do anything to get a job. She has put in her time as a contract teacher and believes she’s next in line to get hired full time. She will go to great lengths to get a full time position.

Casey: the Union Rep who could care less about the job. Casey is very laissez-faire when it comes to teaching and is the main comedic relief as most things are a joke to them. Casey is written for a man or a woman.

Sam: the no-nonsense principal climbing the corporate ladder. He too will go to great lengths to get what he wants and he has his eyes set on being the next Superintendent.

Judy: the seasoned and beloved primary teacher. Judy is able to retire but would rather be in the classroom. She is dedicated to her students but often over-looked by her colleagues.

Eli: the happy-go-lucky Coach. Eli always has a smile and positive attitude, much to the chagrin of his colleagues, but that doesn’t stop him from bringing in cookies every single day.

Claire: the newbie. Claire spends two weeks at Central Collegiate, thrown into a job she barely understands. It’s safe to say it is two weeks she will never forget.


The play can be accessed from the Canadian Play Outlet.