Divine Wrecks

Written by:

Chloe Whitehorn

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 3




Greek Play


90 min.

Year Written:



A high school god falls in love. With his teacher. He wants her, and he always gets what he wants. A ‘happily ever after’ story? Probably not. A dark tale of heartbreak and revelations? Guaranteed. Divine Wrecks explores the nature of love without boundaries. A modern adaptation of a classic tale. A student, overcome with guilt over his involvement in the death of another human being, seeks a connection with someone more mature than his fellow classmates, his teacher Cass. As her student, Eddy is already an inappropriate love. As their histories unfold and overlap, they learn that there is much more to their relationship. A chorus of high school students weave the tale as it unfolds around them.


EDDY: male, sixteen, troubled star athlete. After a tragedy he feels disconnected from everyone and is looking for meaning.

CASS: female, thirties, high school English teacher. Haunted by her past.

CHORUS ONE: male, teenager, confident jock. At the top of the school hierarchy but not the “steal your lunch money” type.

CHORUS TWO: female, teenager, fluffy cheerleader. Extremely confident and used to getting her way.

CHORUS THREE: female, teenager, alternative look. Bit of a slacker attitude.

CHORUS FOUR: male, teenager, prep nerd. Shy but eager to be included.

First Produced:

2015, FireWorks Festival, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto


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The chorus roles can be multiplied to accommodate larger casts.

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Play contains mature content.