Dorothy’s Road Trip

Written by:

Tracy Krauss

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 4




90 min.

Year Written:



Dorothy’s Road Trip is a modern adaptation of the beloved Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, with several comical twists. Dorothy still gets transported to Oz, but she is anything but the typical naïve girl. She’s a modern, assertive teenager who is used to getting her own way! (Auntie Em might even say she’s spoiled.) Her first encounter is with the Munchkinville Police Chief, who is ready to arrest Dorothy for “flying” without a license. Heralded as a hero by the Mayor and townspeople, she sets out on her quest to find the Wizard himself so that she can find her way home.

Despite the protection of Good Witch Glinda, she is stalked by Glinda’s evil cousin, the Wicked Witch of the West and her personal henchman, Watson—a bumbling but well-meaning minion. Along the way, she meets a thoughtfully brainless Scarecrow, a soft-hearted though heartless Tinman, and a cowardly Lion. After an arduous journey to the Wizard’s place, they must then get past the Wizard’s personal assistant— a “French Maid”- style character more concerned with doing her nails than anything else. Oz demands an errand of his own… bring back the Witch’s wand. And so their quest continues.

Through mishaps and mayhem, with twists and turns abounding, Dorothy and her Friends accomplish the impossible and all ends well. Although this version remains true to the classic story, a modern ‘edge’ and some new characters make this play come alive for today’s audiences.


Dorothy – Modern teenager
Scarecrow – actually kind of smart
Tinman – very sensitive
Lion – a real pussy cat
Glinda the Good – rules the north
Wicked Witch – mean & nasty
Oz – a con man
Mayor – of Munchkinville (small part)
Sargeant – tries to arrest Dorothy (small part)
Maid – bored ‘French maid’ works for Oz
Watson – Witch’s side kick (if male, more of an ‘Igor’ type; female – in witch training)
Guard One * – may double with Sargeant
Guard Two* – may double with Mayor
Munchkins – *(double – other minor characters may also play these parts)

First Produced:

First produced by the WLSS Drama Club in 2003; published by JAC Publishing in 2012. Rights reverted back to playwright in 2020.


Dorothy’s Road Trip is available through the playwright’s website.

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