Written by:

Talia Pura

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 11
  • Women: 12





Year Written:



“This adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic goes back to the original story, bringing back the characters that most stage versions ignore. The action begins with Jonathan’s meeting of the count in his castle in Transylvania, before moving to London and the havoc his presence causes there. The dramatic conclusion finds our heroes chasing the vampire back to his lair in his home castle, where they make an end to his horrible deeds. There is plenty of opportunity for a large chorus of peasants, trees, ghosts and wolves, dancing or not, and moments when magic tricks can be employed. It also works as a straight up drama.” (From the Playwright’s Website)


Jonathan Harker / Count Dracula / Cassandra – Vampire / Helena – Vampire / Elizbet – Vampire / Elda – Transylvanian peasant / Lucy Westenra / Mina Harker – Jonathan’s wife / Miss Wells – the Westenra’s maid / Mrs. Westenra – Lucy’s mother / Mrs. Swailes – Dr. Seward’s patient / Dr. Jack Seward / Renfield – Dr. Seward’s patient / Attendant in Dr. Seward’s hospital / Arthur Holmwood – Lucy’s fiancé / Professor Van Helsing – the doctor from Holland / Child lost in the forest / Alex – Transylvanian peasant / Olga – Transylvanian peasant / Wolves / Trees / Ghosts / 4 Gypsies / Transylvanian peasants / Patients in Insane Asylum / Londoners

First Produced:

1992, Kildonan East Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB


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