Drama: Pilot Episode

Written by:

Karen Hines

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 4




Mental Health


75 min.

Year Written:



Dr. Penelope Douglas is an ex-forensic psychiatrist looking for a fresh start in a booming western oil town, but on her first day practicing in her boutique office suite, a young television writer hangs himself in her subway-tiled bathroom. A dissection of contemporary television drama through the eyes of the dead writer reveals an unsettling connection between the 44-minute television hour and the disintegration of the human soul. But it isn’t until Penelope’s oil wife friend pronounces Penelope her unborn baby’s spiritual godmother that Dr. Douglas takes the dive into the uncharted waters of her own unconscious to break the spell that has the frontier in its filthy grip. Will Dr. Douglas be able to find hear in this wild new landscape? Will she have to smudge her lipstick to ‘cowboy up?’


The Sage: A renegade frontier psychiatrist. Ageless – but perhaps circling sixty / Fyg: A fifteen-year-old girl. A spirity . Dr Penelope Douglas, M.D., Ph.D: thirty-five. An ex-forensic psychiatrist who has fled her government post at the Toronto morgue to counsel the living in an oil town. / Columbia: Thirty-five. Penelope’s oldest friend. An oil wife. / Noah: Perhaps thirty-three. A young Content Provider in the television industry. Then, a ghost / Deedee: A Decision Maker in the television industry. Forty, give or take. Never without her small baby / Lily: Twenty-nine. An Anctress in the television industry / Concierge: Played by the actor playing Fyg / A Delivery Man: PLayed by the actor playing Noah / Petra: An oil wife, played by the actor playing Deedee / Realtor: Played by the actor playing Lily / Waiter: Played by the actor playing Noah / Thai Masseuse: PLayed by the actor playing Fyg

First Produced:

Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary, AB, 2012.


Drama: Pilot Episode is available through the CPO Website.

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Calgary Critics Award for Best New Play