Written by:

Joy Ross-Jones, Cristina Cugliandro

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:

Person/People of Colour

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • LGBTQ+: 1
  • Men: 4
  • People of Colour: 6
  • Women: 3






60 min.

Year Written:



Elsewhere is the story of one family – their hope, resilience, resistance and survival- amidst the chaos and absurdity of the Venezuelan crisis.

All seek a way to move forward, grasping at remnants of a life they once knew; a life irrevocably changed by scarcity, greed, and corruption. The play points at the
fragility of systems we put our trust in, while asking us to consider why a crisis is never a crisis when it is Elsewhere.

In Elsewhere, a Grandmother reflects on her past, a Beauty Queen wonders how to feed her children, a Cop questions the violence around him, a Homeless Man begs God for food, a Teenager risks his life to join the fight for freedom, and a Venezuelan-Canadian woman looks on from afar, struggling with what is happening in a country she calls home.


In order of appearance.

Gringo/a: An angry youth who left Venezuela years ago, and now in the face of intense crisis, wonders what they can do to help. Can be played by any gender.

Guerrero: A teenage boy who joins the protest movement and gets swept up in the energy and the violence of it. This character is silent. His story is told entirely through physicality.

Reina de Belleza: A former beaty pageant queen and mother of two who now works the black- market selling diapers and baby formula in order to feed her family.

Policia: A cop who works for the Venezuelan government, and struggles to align his political values with his day-to-day reality.

Abuela: A grandmother who dips into her memories, remembering easier times in the country she loves.

Indigente: A homeless man who numbs the pain of his losses with alcohol and begs for food to survive.

A note on the family:
Guerrero, Reina de Belleza, Policia, Abuela, and Indigente are all a family. Abuela is mother to Reina de Belleza and Policia. Abuela and Indigente are cousins. Guerrero is Reina de Bellaza’s eldest son (referred to in the text as Quique).

First Produced:

Produced by Odd Stumble in association with Imago Theatre at the Centaur Theatre (Montreal), in January 2019


Elsewhere can be found at the Canadian Play Outlet.


The play contains violence and features characters living through intense political crisis.