Written by:

Talia Pura

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 9
  • Women: 10




Coming of Age


60 min.

Year Written:



Emily Lindin was eleven years old when she was labeled the school “slut”; having gone through puberty earlier than her classmates, she was the target of sexual bullying and what is often called “slut shaming.” To deal with her situation, she kept a diary, detailing what was happening to her.


Emily Lindin – the girl at the center of it all

 The Girls:

 Stephanie – starts as Emily’s best friend, but turns into her biggest detractor

Jenna – on-again, off-again friend

Melanie – a friend, gives Emily advice, and seems to have her back

Erin – tiny and full of energy, often caught up in the same drama with Emily

Emma – usually a straight-talker, funny and cute, but has a nasty streak

Stacy – usually Emily’s friend. She decides to try out being a ‘slut’

Amanda Collins – not Emily’s friend; carries the ‘slut’ label before Emily

Hannah – cool and beautiful, a sometimes friend

Kaylee – athletic and cute, likes to flirt with the boys, able to treat them as equals

The Boys:

Zach – the first boyfriend, the hook-up that starts it all

Matt – Zach’s best friend, and sometime controller of events

Jacob – carries himself with a nonchalant swagger; ‘skater boy’

James – usually kind, has empathy for Emily when she is sexually bullied

Mark – a short-term boyfriend, sometime defender of Emily, sometime predator; Seems serious and intense; Emily doesn’t feel empowered in their relationship

Tyler – usually supportive; Emily sees him as her intellectual equal, so she seeks his approval; goes from being a friend to a boyfriend

Daniel – goofy, and gets away with stuff because of it

Scott – rather hapless, a follower, trying to fit in

Hunter – doesn’t know Emily as a person, and only responds to her as her reputation as a ‘slut’

First Produced:

Not yet produced.


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The play is meant to be an educational tool for youth. The roles could be played either  by youth or adults (but not both together). It should be followed by a discussion on the contents and the themes presented, preferably with a professional in the field of bullying present to moderate.


Sexual themes and some strong language.