Feet of the Angels

Written by:

Evelyne de la Chenelière, English Translation by Nigel Spencer

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 6
  • Women: 5





Year Written:



“Ever since her brother’s untimely death, Marie has been fascinated with angels, believing her brother has become one. Now, as a young woman, she has dedicated her doctoral thesis to the subject: the sudden portrayal of angels with feet in Renaissance paintings. As Marie tries to analyze the motive behind this, she begins to uncover questions of existentialism, societal perceptions of women, and the meaning of art and life. Her biggest challenge, though, becomes grasping a seemingly impossible understanding of her brother’s suicide, and dealing with her own dislocation.” (From the Playwrights Canada Press)


MARIE: portrayed by two actresses, 1 and 2

ROMAIN: her friend

PAUL: her brother

MONIQUE: her mother

CHARLES: her father

KARINE: her half-sister (Charles’s daughter by his first marriage)

SUZANNE: Charles’s sister

JEAN-PIERRE: Suzanne’s boyfriend

DOCTOR: a veiled woman

THE EYE: a camera

THE CHOIR: a group varying in size from scene to scene

NOTE: The Choir is probably onstage at all times, and actors emerge from it depending on the scene. By turns, it can thus provide the salsa class, the funeral parlour, the sound stage, etc. It is the communal voice, whether in good faith or in pettiness.

Paul is something of an angel or apparition, sometimes visible, sometimes not, but omnipresent regardless.

First Produced:

Théâtre Espace Go, Montréal, 2009.


Feet of the Angels is available through Playwrights Canada Press.

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