Fever Dream

Written by:

Anna Fuerstenberg

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • People of Colour: 3
  • Women: 5




Sex Work

Year Written:



“A gritty look at the lives of five strippers and their search for self-worth.” (From the CPO Website)


Diane: At twenty-nine, she is tall, feline and wears her auburn hair long. She started to strip while she was an undergraduate in Toronto, and she is originally from Montreal. She loathes stripping but is caught in the life by a kind of paralysis of will and the fear of trying anything else. She is also aware that the clinical name for her “condition” would be masochism and she can be brutal to herself and others when the mood is upon her.

Sally: At twenty-seven, she is small, blond and a bit ferret-like. She is in almost perpetual motion. She had aspired to be a great performer, and stripping is what she does while waiting for her muse. She is a woman who has literally had to survive on dreams, and although not very introspective, she is not stupid about others. She is also a skilled organizer and loves a party.

Lilly: Medium height. Comes from Bogata, Columbia. She is loud, emotive, and hyper. She is also a naturally good dancer and feels that stripping in North America is a vacation she earned with the horrors she survived in Columbia. Lilly loves dancing, loves life, and loves being in love.

Annie: She is a very big woman, about fifty. A former stripper, Annie serves as the Mother Superior to this group. She gives them love and care, a sense of connection with some kind of tradition. She sews their costumes for a living, and often rents them rooms in her small house. She is the source of stripper lore.

Salina: Salina is a successful stripper and sometimes “kept woman”. She is college-educated, sophisticated and usually happy with her lot. At thirty-one she knows that she only has three or four years before she will have to seriously consider her future. Salina cultivates the mystery that seems to envelop her. She is in some ways an old-fashioned courtesan and wants everyone to love her. She is the poetess of the group.

George: Pronounced sometimes as the English would but other times as “Ghorghay” in Spanish. He is thirty-five and works hard at looking younger. Although he has lived in Canada for twelve years, is married and the father of two daughters, he has never quite lost his Mexican identity.

First Produced:

1985, Theatre Plus, Toronto


Available through the CPO Website.