Fragile Lipstick

Written by:

Holly Dobbie

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 10




Mental Health


120 min.

Year Written:



In Fragile Lipstick, after several suicide attempts, 28 year old, Em lives in a private home with two full-time caregivers, A.M. and P.M. Em struggles with clinical depression and is eager to end her life. Eventually, but certainly not entirely, she finds hope through group counselling, micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms, and trust-building relationships.

This play is ideal for post-secondary readings and performances. The stage requirements are minimal, and the themes are au courant and relevant.


EM: Female, twenty-eight. Clinically depressed and openly suicidal. Holds an undergrad degree in philosophy, and is a certified event planner.

DIXIE (A.M.): Female, fiftyish. Loves Jesus, never seen without a full apron or a lanyard of keys and measuring spoons around her neck. Em’s daytime caregiver. A church volunteer.

PIP (P.M.): Female. Forty-two. Into tarot cards and energy forces. Has a penchant for vintage clothing. Em’s evening caregiver. Keeps a lanyard of keys around her neck.

TONY: Male, early thirties. Easy going, kind.

HENRY: Male, late twenties to early thirties, a poet. Dead, but very much alive in Em’s head.

MIM: Female, late fifties. Em’s mother. Partial to wearing heavy costume jewelry. Dons a black eye patch. Self-absorbed.

JAN: Female, thirty-fortyish. Mental health group therapy facilitator.

DOC DELL: Any gender. Forty–fiftyish. Therapist.

CON-TIME, MARILEE, JILL: Group therapy members, all female, all mid to late twenties, all suicidal. Con-time vibes a tough facade and dresses in camo.

MAN: Sixtyish. Can be played by one of the group members with a short hair wig and/or moustache. A very small, but manly role.

DELIVERY GUY: Drops a box at the front door. That’s it. No lines.

Any of the characters can be any race. The women in the group counselling segments can be played by a woman with disabilities, and/or an Indigenous woman, and/or a member of the LBGTQ+ community.

First Produced:

Production pending.


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