Harriet’s House

Written by:

Tara Goldstein

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:


Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • People of Colour: 2
  • Women: 6






60 min.

Year Written:



“In this contemporary drama a mother and her three daughters negotiate the challenges and politics of transnational adoption in a same-sex family. The play begins when Harriet reluctantly gives her 17-year-old adopted daughter Luisa permission to return to the Catholic orphanage in Bogota where she spent three years of her childhood. While Luisa tries to find out what happened to her birth mother in Bogota, back in Toronto Harriet comes out as a lesbian and introduces her new partner Marty to her two other daughters: 14-year old Ana, also adopted from Colombia, and 11-year old Clare, Harriet’s birth daughter.

Afraid of Luisa’s reaction to her new relationship, Harriet doesn’t tell Luisa about Marty until Luisa returns home from Colombia. Heartbroken that she still hasn’t found out what happened to her birth mother, and angry that Harriet didn’t tell her about Marty sooner, Luisa returns to Bogota to continue her search. When Harriet falls seriously ill, however, she travels to Bogota with Marty and her daughters to bring Luisa home.” (From the CPO Website)


HARRIET: teacher, mother of three daughters, the first two adopted from Colombia. Jewish. Mid-40s.
LUISA: Harriet’s eldest daughter, adopted from Colombia at the age of 10. Late teens.
ANA: Harriet’s middle daughter, adopted from Colombia at the age of 7. Mid-teens.
CLARE: Harriet’s youngest daughter, not adopted. Age 11 to 13.
MARTY: School teacher, Harriet’s girlfriend/partner. Late 30s, early 40s.
ANITA: Founder of Global Family, an international adoption agency. Harriet’s friend. Jewish. Early 50s.

First Produced:

2010, Hart House Theatre


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