Holy Ghosters

Written by:

Mary Vingoe

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 5




American History


60 min.

Year Written:



“In Holy Ghosters, families of Nova Scotia settlers are caught in the tide of America’s War of Independence. Strife between family members and neighbourhoods ensue as a result of alliances to British or Yankee rebels.” (From the CPO Website)


Moses Delesdernier: Loyalist merchant and supplier to Fort Cumberland. He came to Nova Scotia some twenty years ago with the original settling of Halifax. A French Huguenot by birth. He is about forty-five. / Eleanor Delesdernier: Moses’ second wife. Of New England stock. / Martha Maria: Their daughter. She is thirteen. / Reverend John Eagleson: Church of England minister, rabid anti-American, and possible informer to the British in Halifax. He is about forty. / Lewis Delesderier: Moses’ nephew from Tatamagouche. Both Lewis’ parents are French Huguenots. He is about seventeen. / Richard John Uniacke: Fourth son of an Irish nobleman, come to make his way in the new world. He is twenty-one. / Mary Allan: Wife of the rebel leader John Allan. She is in her late twenties, mother of a growing family. Originally from Massachusetts. / Old Aboideau: An ancient Acadian woman who lives out on the Tantramar Marshes. / Thomas Bowser: Local farmer, mid thirties. / Valentine Estabrooks: Local farmer, mid thirties. / Mrs. Charity Bishop: Local gossip, mid-forties. / A Rebel Soldier / A British Soldier

First Produced:

1983, Mulgrave Co-op Theatre


Holy Ghosters is available through the CPO Website.

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