I Married the King of the Underworld and My Mom Freaked

Written by:

Sara Kreindler

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 5




Self Discovery


85 min.

Year Written:



A reimagining of the Greek myth of Persephone as an offbeat coming-of-age story. Featuring a singing three-headed dog, a misunderstood Medusa, and a Zeus with an uncanny resemblance to a certain President – plus, a sparkling original score that hearkens back to classic Broadway. Like the goddess, the musical oscillates between light and darkness, offering zany humour, satire, romance, and the poignant story of an unbreakable mother-daughter bond.


Three Graces – Our storytellers, the personifications of beauty, charm, and artistic expression.
Their names (not mentioned on stage) are Aglaea, Euphrosyne, and Thalia
Demeter – Goddess of the earth and the harvest.
Persephone – Demeter’s daughter, a young adult
Helios – The slightly bumbling god of the sun
Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty
Hades – The attractive, mysterious god of the Underworld.
Cerberus – The three-headed dog that guards the Underworld (played/voiced by three women)
Medusa – An attractive young woman who unfortunately has snakes for hair
Euridice – A surprisingly cheerful shade who inhabits the Underworld
Orpheus – A musician with a steady gig, albeit posthumous; soulmate of Euridice
Hera – The queen of the gods; spends much of her time punishing her husband’s infidelities
Zeus – The power-mad, narcissistic, nymph-chasing king of the gods
Chorus of peasants – rural residents of ancient Greece
The minimum cast size is seven, as follows:

Aglaea / First Peasant / Cerberus / Euridice
Euphrosyne / Peasant / Cerberus / Medusa
Thalia / Peasant / Aphrodite/ Cerberus / Hera
Second Peasant / Helios / Orpheus / Zeus

If desired, the roles can be distributed across a larger cast, with a chorus of peasants.

First Produced:

Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2019


The musical can be accessed by emailing theperfectmanmusical@gmail.com