If The Shoe Fits

Written by:

Genevieve Adam

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 5


Feminist Theatre




55 min.

Year Written:



Once upon time, there lived a brave knight who wasn’t aging well. Bored with domestic drudgery, he accepts an impossible commission from his Prince: find the mysterious woman who fits into the glass slipper.

In his search for this reluctant Cinderella, he faces pig farmers, Molière, and his own marital breakdown, as he learns the difference between fitting into a shoe, and actually consenting to wear it. If The Shoe Fits is a deconstructed post-#MeToo Cinderella story with a decidedly feminist twist.


Ned: Mid to late twenties. A pig farmer who brought up his little sister. A straightforward, earnest man. 

Nora: Early twenties. Ned’s sister, also a pig farmer. Not a fairy tale princess. Rough around the edges. 

Sir Eglantine: Late forties, early fifties. First Knight of the Realm. Older man on the hunt for the owner of the glass slipper. The quest has run him ragged and separated him from his beloved wife. 

Narrator: Poised and professional performing her role as storyteller. Twinkle in her eye.

Prince: Twenty-something. Virginal and awkward, unsuccessful with women and a disappointment to his father. 

Felicite: Early twenties. Friendly and open and just beginning her trials in love. 

Amandine: Thirty-something. She is full of life, seeks pleasure and is very experienced when it comes to men. 

Virginie: Fortyish. Wise in the affairs of the heart and hesitant to show her true feelings.

First Produced:

Alumnae Theatre, November 2019


If The Shoe Fits is available through the CPO Website.

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Language and sexual content.