It’s Your Life

Written by:

Tracy Krauss

Cast Size:




    80 min.


    The Butterfly effect. One small act changes everything – not only on one’s own life but also for the lives of others. In It’s Your Life, a teen girl on the brink of suicide is convinced to carry on by her bumbling guardian angel. The play begins with Hannah’s trials: over bearing parents, an intrusive little brother, trouble at school, ridicule from the ‘mean’ girls, problems on the job, and suspicions about her boyfriend. The last straw comes when her best friend convinces her to go to a party and then the ‘cops’ show up. Once grounded to her room, she contemplates ending it all.

    Act One ends with the appearance of Hannah’s less than perfect guardian angel, Alfred. In Act Two, Alfred takes us through the consequences of a negative choice, with sobering yet comedic side effects. Hannah realizes that her life really does make a difference to those around her and she chooses life. Although this play deals with some serious subject matter, (suicide, drug use, prostitution) it is full of humour and is light hearted in tone. Approximate running time 80 minutes.


    It requires a flexible cast of 14 to 20+, with lots of potential for extras and doubling.


    Please contact playwright directly at for access to the It’s Your Life script.

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