Jake and the Kid

Written by:

Conni Massing

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 4
  • Women: 2






120 min.

Year Written:



It’s been a long, hot, dry season for the Canadian prairies, and the good people of Crocus are spending a lot of time looking anxiously at the clear, blue sky. The Kid isn’t worried, though. His parents’ hired hand, Jake, knows how to make it rain. Jake said so himself. And now that word has gotten out about his special skill, Jake is busy building the rainmaking machine that’s going to save Crocus.

As rainmaking day draws near, the prairie sky remains bright and cloudless. The Kid can’t understand why the townspeople don’t believe that Jake can make it rain. He also can’t understand why Jake himself is beginning to look a little worried…

Adapted from W.O. Mitchell’s classic short stories, Jake and the Kid is a warm-hearted and humorous tribute to life on the Prairies. The friendship between hired hand, Jake, and the Kid, a young farm boy whose father is fighting overseas, is one of the most unforgettable relationships in Canadian literature. (From the Globe Theatre Archives)


Male actor #1: Mr. Godfrey, Repeat Golightly, Mr. Ricky, Axel, Reverend Cameron, Chet Lambert

Male actor #2: Jake

Male actor #3: Old Gate, Angus Stewart, Stevie, Stan Kupka, Colonel Hepworth

Male actor #4: The Kid

Female actor #1: Ma, Violet, Mrs. Biggs, Mrs. Abercrombie, Johnny Totcoal

Female actor #2: Miss Henchbaw, Mrs. Fotheringham, Molly

First Produced:

Theatre Calgary, Calgary, AB, 2009


Jake and the Kid is available through the CPO Website.

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