Jane Austen’s Emma

Written by:

Marion Johnson

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 5


Period Piece
Romantic Comedy
Suitable for Secondary School


19th Century


110 min.

Year Written:



Emma Woodhouse doesn’t need to get married–she already has money and social standing–but she enjoys finding marriage partners for other people, especially her little friend Harriet Smith, the ‘natural daughter of nobody knows who.’ Emma sabotages a proposal from the farmer Robert Martin in hopes of matching Harriet with the local vicar, Mr. Elton–but Elton fancies himself in love with Emma instead. Equally disastrous, the playboy Frank Churchill draws Emma into a very public flirtation, even though he is secretly engaged to someone else. Emma’s lifelong friend, the upright George Knightley, tries to curb her reckless behaviour, with little success–until Harriet suddenly confides to Emma she is in love with Mr. Knightley! Emma is shocked into realizing there is more to marriage than money and position–there is also true love. It’s all part of being young and foolish but eager for life, in Jane Austen’s Emma, this lively and entertaining romp through the village of Highbury. (From the CPO Website)


EMMA WOODHOUSE, ‘handsome, clever and rich’ – young heiress [21yrs]

MR KNIGHTLEY, wealthy landlord in love with Emma [37yrs]

HARRIET SMITH, Emma’s friend, ‘natural daughter of nobody knows who’ [18yrs]

ROBERT MARTIN, farmer in love with Harriet [27yrs]

REV MR ELTON, conceited Vicar of Highbury [26yrs]

AUGUSTA HAWKINS, moderately affluent heiress, becomes Mrs Elton [28yrs]

JANE FAIRFAX, poor orphan and musical genius, in love with Frank [21yrs]

FRANK CHURCHILL, wealthy spoiled playboy, in love with Jane [25yrs]

MISS BATES, poverty-stricken vicar’s daughter, aunt to Jane [40ish]

MR WOODHOUSE, crotchety old man, his wealth excuses him (father to Emma) [60ish]

First Produced:

2017, McManus Stage, Grand Theatre, London, ON


Jane Austen’s Emma is available through the CPO Website.

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