Written by:

Aurora McClennan

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Indigenous Peoples: 10
  • LGBTQ+: 10
  • Men: 3
  • People of Colour: 10
  • People with Disabilities: 10
  • Women: 2






90 min.

Year Written:



The Littman siblings – Juno, Lucy & Tobi – view life and love in quite varied ways, but are each forced to reevaluate their relationships with the people around them and with themselves following Tobi’s engagement party, where Lucy’s boyfriend breaks up with her in front of everyone. How do these three siblings support each other and help each of them through their changing lives and their differing relationships, while discovering that love comes in many different forms, cannot be transferred and is not owed, but gained. How does one reach total peace of self and kalopsia when one hardly knows what beauty and love are?


Lucy Littman (She/Her) – George’s ex; sarcastic and messy, she goes through life expecting everything to work out for her. Middle Littman child.

Juno Littman Seelenfreund (She/They) – Thomas’ spouse, and the eldest of the Littman family. Juno tends to try and fix everyone else’s problems before fixing their own.

Tobi Littman (They/Them) – the youngest Littman, engaged to Nate; Tobi tends to let their sarcasm and blunt opinions lead in every interaction.

Thomas Seelenfreund (He/Him) – Juno’s husband; Thomas has a bit of a temper, that he’s trying desperately to control, but amidst all the Littman mess, and a little issue with him and Juno, it’s becoming harder.

Phillie Kelleher (Any pronouns) – Phillie is a long time family friend of the Littmans. They don’t have a great family life, so Juno and Lucy are like siblings to them. As their sibling, though, they can’t just sit around and watch everyone self-destruct.

George Croaker (He/Him) – Lucy’s ex; takes up space and isn’t afraid to do so. He knows his power and makes sure everyone else knows, too; deals with an alcohol dependency and tends to rely on sex to help him work through his emotions; can be a little manipulative at times.

Delilah Drury (She/Her) – Carwyn’s sister; Delilah’s larger than life and the life of the party. Friend of Lucy’s who ‘betrays’ her trust, turning the whole Littman family, and her own sibling against her.

Carwyn Drury (Any pronouns) – getting over a nasty breakup with Lara, after she cheated on them. Has always had feelings for Lucy, but can’t express it. Longtime friend of the Littmans.

Nate Pantazis (Any Pronouns) – Tobi’s fiance, much more reserved than Tobi.

Taylor (Any pronouns) – Lucy’s one night stand who now wants more from her, but she just can’t give them that.


The play can be accessed by emailing the playwright at auroramcclennan@gmail.com