King Pen

Written by:

Talia Pura

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 6






30 min.

Year Written:



King Pen is the coming-of-age story of a crèche of King Penguins. Left on their own for most of their first winter, they come to terms with their surroundings, their changing bodies, and each other. Their concerns and desires are not so very different from young people the world over, regardless of species. Each penguin has a unique personality and perspective, distinguishing him or her from the rest of the group. However, living in the harsh climatic conditions of South Georgia Island, Antarctica, they must also learn to get along in order to survive.


All characters are young teens.


Harvey – the joker, but kind to others. Extrovert  –  Status:  mid-high

Theodore – insecure, but finds his place. Introvert  –  Status:  starts low, rises to high by the end

Jack – hyper-conscious of his health. Extrovert  –  Status:  low

Edward – the would-be king, becomes a friend instead. Introvert  –  Status:  low, then rises, ends lower, but higher than the beginning

Steven – smart, a born leader, understands how to motivate others. Extrovert  –  Status:  high



Amanda – smart, a leader in the group. Extrovert  –  Status:  high

Sarah – impatient but kind, reaches out to others. Introvert  –  Status:  low – ends higher

Brittany – the youngest in the group. Wants to fit in. Introvert  –  Status:  low

Wendy – her own person, thoughtful, analytical. Introvert  –  Status:  starts fairly low, rises to high

Cindy – Fun loving risk-taker. Extrovert  –  Status:  high

Julie – fashionista, snob, has to learn to be a friend. Extrovert  –  Status:  starts high, ends slightly lower

First Produced:

Not yet produced.


King Pen is available through the CPO Website.

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One-act play.