Laura Secord

Written by:

Sandra Cardinal

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 8
  • Women: 5




War of 1812


50 min.

Year Written:



“The play tells the story of the heroic act of Laura Secord in the summer of 1813, when Americans had occupied much of Upper Canada, including the Secord home in Queenston. Due to a combination of factors, it fell to Laura to warn the British of an impending surprise attack on a key ammunition headquarters. Her 20-mile journey took her through enemy positions, swamps filled with dangerous animals, and an arduous climb up the Niagara Escarpment. With themes of everyday bravery, parental sacrifice, and help from unexpected sources, it is both entertaining and inspirational for young audiences.” (From the CPO Website)


Laura Ingersoll Secord: 38 years old, American immigrant with a Bostonian accent, daughter of a wealthy land owner and wife of prosperous Queenston merchant, mother to 5 children

James Secord: 40 years old, Laura’s husband, a prosperous merchant turned Canadian militiaman, was wounded in the shoulder and leg in the Battle of Queenston heights

Bessie: Laura’s little cow; she talks and sings

Cyrenius Chapin: American officer, an arrogant braggart prone to drunkenness

Col. Boerstler: American commanding officer, a reasonable yet somewhat cowardly man

Corporal: American soldier

Hannah Deforest Secord: 31 years old, best friend to Laura, sister-in-law to James Secord, a widow, lives nearby in St. David’s

Charles Ingersoll: 21 years old, younger half-brother to Laura, sick with influenza and staying at the home of Hannah Secord

Marie-Claire & Henri: French Canadian trappers living in the rough

Animals of the Swamp: A beaver, a duck and a frog

Chief Anhyonwaeghs, AKA Lieutenant John Brant: a Mohawk Chief of American and Indigenous heritage, educated, English speaking, and a strong ally of the British

Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon: Commander of the British Rangers in Niagara, an Irishman with a thick accent

The Secord Children: Mary: age 14, headstrong and outspoken; Charlotte: age 10, sweet, timid, and imaginative

First Produced:

2013, Prince Edward County


Laura Secord is available through the CPO Website.

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Roles can be doubled.

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