Little Red In the Hood

Written by:

Tracy Krauss

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Women: 4




Gender Roles


40 min.

Year Written:



Little Red, an adventurous girl with a mind of her own, takes on the task of befriending Mildred, the social outcast at school. On her way to Grandmother’s house, she encounters the Swine brothers who warn her about a possible predator, BB Wolf, and his nephew/apprentice, who are on the prowl. Little Red also meets up with a gang of tough ‘hooligans’ led by someone known as ‘The Man’.

Fortunately for Little Red, when these ruffians find out who her grandmother is (the coolest old lady around) they escort her right to Granny’s door. Naturally, BB and Co. are waiting. After a series of mix-ups and close encounters, it’s revealed that the Swine brothers are really in cahoots with BB Wolf, and are involved in an insurance fraud scam. Granny saves the day with her karate moves and all is well… or so we think. In the end, everyone learns a lesson about honesty and staying true to oneself.


LITTLE RED – adventurous girl with a mind of her own
MILDRED/THE MAN – narrator of the story; typical book worm/gang leader
GRANDMOTHER – karate chopping Granny; the coolest old lady around
B.B.WOLF – nasty windbag up to no good
LITTLE WOLF – B.B.’s nephew/niece
PIG 1 – afraid of his/her own shadow
PIG 2 – a chronic hypochondriac
PIG 3 – the smart one of the three
WOODCUTTER – Not very helpful
SNAKE – one of the gang’s henchmen
SPIKE – the other gang henchman
MOTHER- no nonsense business woman
BULLY – likes to push other kids around
GANG MEMBERS: for both the Bully’s gang and ‘The Man’s’ gang. May be doubled if necessary.

First Produced:

First Production Info: First produced by JESters Drama, Watson Lake, Yukon 2005. Published by JAC Publishing 2012. Rights reverted back to playwright in 2020.


Little Red in the Hood is available through the playwright’s website.

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