Lost in Wonderland

Written by:

Michelle Deines

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 11
  • Women: 11




Coming of Age


90 min.

Year Written:



When sisters Alice and Lorina seek shelter during a storm, they each become trapped in strange realms where nothing is quite as it seems. Lorina disappears first. Desperate to find her, Alice chases the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole but instead finds herself pursued by the bloodthirsty Queen of Hearts. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat has lured Lorina into the Looking-Glass Realm, where her only hope of finding her way back rests with a White Knight—who lies in an enchanted sleep from which he will never awake. Separated and alone, the sisters must both call upon the courage they never knew they had to navigate their way through a backwards-world–and back to one another.

Set in modern day, Lost in Wonderland is about the struggle to find courage in a world that is filled with adversity and uncertainty. It is a free adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass.


ALICE. 11 years old. Timid and afraid to speak up. Female.
LORINA. 13 years old. A young teenager who can judge others a little too harshly. Female.
CHESHIRE CAT. A trickster who’s very curious. Any gender.
PRIVATE PROPERTY TWINS 1 and 2. Two miserable old women who don’t like their little domain disturbed. Female.
WHITE RABBIT. The Queens’ Messenger. Anxious and over-worked. Any gender.
TWO OF HEARTS. Gardener for the Queen of Hearts. Any gender.
FIVE OF HEARTS. Another garden for the Queen of Hearts. Any gender.
QUEEN OF HEARTS. Ruler of Wonderland. Impulsive and ferocious. Female.
KING OF HEARTS. Thinks he’s the ruler of Wonderland but doesn’t do much. Male.
KNAVE OF HEARTS. Royal executioner and guard for the Queen. Any gender.
MAD HATTER. The Hatter of Wonderland. Loves tea and music. Any gender.
MARCH HARE. The Hatter’s best pal. Also enjoys tea and not doing much. Any gender.
DODO. An extinct bird. Just wants to be part of the in crowd. Any gender.
TWEEDLE DUM. A twin brother. Quite naughty. Male.
TWEEDLE DEE. Dum’s twin brother. Also very naughty. Male.
HUMPTY DUMPTY. A stuffy, stuck-up self-important giant egg. Any gender.
CATERPILLAR. A counter-culture rebel. Any gender.
RED KING. The king of the Looking-Glass Realm. Preoccupied with his memoranda. Male.
RED QUEEN. The queen of the Looking-Glass Realm. Wily and cunning. Female.
RED KNIGHT. A poet’s soul trapped in a soldier’s body. Any gender.
WHITE KNIGHT. A passionate, loyal protector of the White Queen. In an enchanted sleep. Any gender.

First Produced:

First produced at Capilano University Theatre, November 18, 2022.


The play can be accessed through the Canadian Play Outlet.

Lost in Wonderland by Michelle Deines


Minimum cast of 12. Can be expanded to 22.

*Alice and Lorina are female characters and should be played by female/female-identifying actors.
**For all other characters, if a specific gender is indicated in the character breakdown, this refers to the gender of the character, but the part could be played by any actor.

***There is a list of suggested doublings in the title pages of the script.