Love and War Western Style

Written by:

Rose Scollard

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 7




Canadian History


75 min.

Year Written:



“Tales of romance and intrigue from Thighbone, Alberta, where the men are tough but the women are tougher. Love and War Western Style is set in the late forties when Alberta was a place of high hopes and high jinks.” (From the CPO Website)


Mother (Elder): late fifties; a feminist though she may not show it at times

Vinnie/Narrator: mid-thirties; enjoys the storytelling

Dad (Elder): late fifties; a chauvinist but not as good at it as he thinks

Uncle Donald (Elder): mid-forties; dreams and plans beyond village life

Beryl (Elder): late thirties; sharp and determined with her own sneaky side

Vinnie: late teens; daughter of Mother and Dad

Mother: forties; it takes a long time, but she finally puts Dad in his place

Andy: early teens; smart little know-it-all

Beryl: early twenties; lippy; entrepreneur; self growth more important than marriage

Dad: forties; self-centered and listens to no one

Uncle Donald: mid-twenties; has plans for college

Clyde: early twenties swashbuckler; mothers fear for their daughters; knows what he wants

Parnell: thirties; lounge lizard; totally unchangeable

Gil: mid-twenties; chicken hatchery business

Hallie: mid-twenties; teacher; confident

Boggs: forties

Naomi: forties

Nora: thirties; schemer and entrepreneur; wins big

Hallie (Elder): mid-forties

First Produced:

1991, CBC Radio


Love and War Western Style is available through the CPO Website.

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