Maid for a Musket

Written by:

Lucia Frangione

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 13
  • Women: 6




War of 1812


95 min.

Year Written:



Maid for a Musket is set in Prescott, ON, during the war of 1812, this play very loosely echoes Love’s Labour’s Lost. Fred, Brown and Mac are three soldiers stuck in the wilds of Upper Canada: the only corner of the world that seemingly isn’t at war. They decide to swear off whiskey, women and other distractions, and to focus on higher learning. Then the Americans show up: a few of them in skirts.” (From the CPO Website)


The Canadians

Lt. Frederic de Gaugreben – late thirties, slight Prussian accent. A handsome impassioned man.

Lt. Harold Brown – mid-twenties, a graduate from Trinity College, Cambridge. He is obsessively scholarly and fond of solitude.

Officer Marvin Macdonell – early twenties, Scottish, a solid, hard-working, honest, masculine fellow and a new GLI recruit.

Lt. Colonel “Red George” Macdonell – (real person) early thirties, Upper Canadian, commanding at Prescott, brave, audacious, ambitious and well liked.

Dr. Adriano de Armado – ageless, Adriano is a sleek Spanish botanist traveling with the British army to study flora in Upper Canada.

Mr. Boyd – sixties, an elegant fellow and a “curious bachelor”. A good friend to Francine, as they have traded goods across the water for years now.

Madame Costard – an elderly lady tough as venison jerky, of undetermined extraction who lives by a “finders keepers” sort of morality.

Constance Ford – late thirties, from York. A beautiful, ambitious milliner, but truly a “mad hatter”, suffering from mercury poisoning. Fred’s inconstant fiancée.

Barnabus Dickenson – (real person) Prescott mail contractor, early twenties, Upper Canadian, good-natured.

Bishop Alexander “Warrior Priest” Macdonell – (real person) early 50s, a legend in his own time. A chaplain and founder of the GLI.

Sailor – French Canadian.

GLI Military Band – anyone at any given time can make up the ever-present military band: horn, snare, whistle and what-not.

The Americans

Francine Farnum – around forty, an American forwarder in Ogdensburg, a widow who has taken over her husband’s business. She is the mother of three unmarried daughters and one son.

Rosaline Farnum – late teens to early twenties, Francine’s middle daughter. She hopes for a man to live up to her ideal: Lord Byron.

Katharine Farnum – mid twenties, Francine’s eldest child: chubby, bookish, witty, contained. Though Katharine and Rosaline have always had a competitive relationship, Kath would do anything for her sister.

Maria – two years old. An extremely large and unfortunate child who has been coddled.

Thomas – late teens, Francine’s son, a bit of a sniveler.

Captain Forsyth – (real person) Mid forties to early fifties. Captain of the 1st US Rifles, stationed at Ogdensburg. Known to be rash and provocative.

American Lieutenant – not necessarily seen.

First Produced:

2013, St Lawerence Shakespeare Festival


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Roles can be doubled.

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