Mixed Doubles

Written by:

Kate Jaimet

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 3






90 min.

Year Written:



Stuck in an unpaid internship at a tumble-down community tennis club, 22-year-old Chandra must prove her mettle by raising enough money to fix the roof before the City inspector shuts the club down. But when her boyfriend Vin unwittingly causes a rift between a Baby-Boomer donor and her philandering husband, the young couple must embark on a mad scheme to win back the donor’s good graces and save the club — and Chandra’s job prospects — from ruin. With appearances by Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes and commedia dell’arte diva Isabella Andreini, does anyone play by the rules in this hilarious 21st-century farce?


Grit: The manager of a run-down community tennis club. An old-school lesbian, tough as nails. Lonely but would never admit it. Middle-aged.

Barb: The club’s top-ranked female player. A cultivated woman who is under-appreciated by her husband and by the younger generation. She might just be fed-up enough to take a risk for a mid-life shot at happiness. Middle-aged.

Barry: Barb’s husband, a man with a roving eye. A bombastic lawyer and the club’s top-ranked male player.Middle-aged.

Chandra: An unpaid intern and volunteer head of the club’s fundraising committee. Her schemes set the entire farce in motion and keep the balls in the air until the climactic finish. In her early 20s.

Vin: Chandra’s boyfriend, very good looking. Works part-time as a bartender at the club. In his early 20s.

Mo: Vin’s friend and the club bartender. A sweet guy looking for love. In his early 20s.

Pat: The building inspector. A conscientious bureaucrat on a bit of a power trip. Any age.

Doubled Roles:

Isabella Andreini: A celebrated 16th century commedia dell’arte actor and writer. Played by the same actor as Chandra.

Aristophanes: An ancient Greek playwright. Played by the same actor as Pat.

All roles can be played by people of any race/ethnicity and sexual orientation.

There are 9 characters but only 7 roles, because two of the actors play multiple characters.

First Produced:

Produced by the playwright at the Ottawa Tennis and Lawnbowling Club in 2019. Production is slated for October 19 - November 5 by Bear & Co.


Mixed Doubles can be found at the Canadian Play Outlet.

The video trailer can be viewed here.


Reviews from the 2022 Gladstone theatre performance October 19 – November 5.

“The entire show features an entertaining juxtaposition of old vs. young; the one-liners throughout are hilarious! The witty banter between the seven characters is highly amusing.” — Covert Ottawa Guy

“Mixed Doubles is a funny and engaging farce… the main characters are both outrageous and funny and there is a lot of gender switching and double entendres.” — Tony Lofaro, longtime Ottawa Citizen arts reporter

“A lovely night at the theatre, filled with lots of laughs.” — Nina Lee Aquino, Artistic Director, National Arts Centre English Theatre.