Mother’s Daughter

Written by:

Kate Hennig

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 6






120 min.

Year Written:



In Mother’s Daughter, this stunning third part to Kate Hennig’s powerfully reimagined Queenmaker series, England’s first queen regnant finds herself fighting xenophobia, religious nationalism, and strained familial bonds in the power struggle that dubs her Bloody Mary.

Upon the death of King Edward VI, the thirty-eight-year-old princess Mary—daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon—wrests the throne from Edward’s deemed heir. But Mary’s mother appears from the vaults of memory, and adamantly questions the motives of Mary’s cousin Jane and her half-sister Bess, despite Mary’s affection for them both.

As the kingdom splits along Roman Catholic and Protestant lines, Mary walks a gauntlet of squabbling ethics and politics, and is forced to make some tough decisions. Should she execute her opponents before it’s too late, the way her father did? Should she scramble to find a husband who can give her a rightful heir? And can she trust her mother, her sister, or even herself?

Part three of the Queenmaker Trilogy.


MARY: a princess, thirty-eight years old; private, cutting, wounded, capable, loyal; water

BESS: a princes, twenty years old; intelligent, precocious, entitled, unedited, sexual; fire.

ANNE: a mother queen, thirty-two years old; patient, determined, destructive, flamboyant, ambitious; fire.

CATALINA: a mother queen, forty-eight years old; authoritative, traditional, embittered, constant, narcissistic; earth.

JANE: a disciple, sixteen years old; intuitive, righteous, naive, disciplined, myopic; air.

SUSAN: a defender, fifty-eight years old;  protective, goading, fearful, devoted, xenophobic; earth.

BASSETT: a strategist, thirty-two years old; progressive, bookish, industrious, alluring, wily; water.

SIMON: a diplomat, forty years old; impatient, assertive, stoical, elitist, slippery; water.

First Produced:

Stratford Festival, Stratford, ON, 2019.


Mother’s Daughter is available through the Canadian Play Outlet. Also available through Playwrights Canada Press.

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This is a contemporary play. This is a domestic play. No historical costuming or accents are required. Diversity in casting is strongly encouraged.