Mummers, Mischief and Murder

Written by:

Michelle T Clemens

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 6
  • Women: 5






80 min.

Year Written:



Mummers, Mischief and Murder is a Tibb’s Eve farce. This lighthearted romp is the perfect event for an evening of theatre and music or as a dinner theatre. The evil Brad Blad is using a Tibb’s Eve party as a cover for his nefarious deeds. The noble RCMP Officer, Newbody, is tested his first day and smitten too, by the beautiful Lynn Bright. Gran is fighting to stay awake, while Frank and Dr. Morte try to hide the smuggled rum. Poor Patty Henchman is caught in a trap. Marie is desperate to keep track of the children, who are determined to find out ‘who done it’. There is music, laughter, and murder – fun for the whole family!


Gran (Ruth Sharp) (actor age 50 – 80) The matriarch of the Kindal family. Old fashioned woman who has family at the focus. She has a sharp mind and great insight. She struggles to stay awake late in the evening and can nod off unexpectedly.

Sammy (actor 9 to 12 M/F) This role is written for a character with a mild-moderate disability. Note that this character will not be “acting a disability”. Sammy is a good friend of Billy’s and child of Lynn. They live with their grandparents full time. They are adventurous and intuitive.

Billy (9-12 M/F) Bold and inquisitive. They figure out the plot and have a critical part in the big reveal.

Marie: (40 to 65) The homeowner, mother of Lynn and Grandmother to Sammy. She is the calm in the storm and the plot mover in the story. The hostess with the mostess.

Frank (40-65) Husband of Marie. Best freind to Dr. Morte. Local rum runner, good guy but mischievous.

Lynn Bright (28-40) Mother of Sammy. Smart as a whip and exudes confidence and a strong sex appeal.

Officer Newbody (25-35) New RCMP Officer in the community. Naive, sweet and very honourable. He is all aflutter when he meets Lynn.

Brad Blad (30 and up) Immoral antagonist of the story. Out to swindle everyone. Got his cap set on Lynn and doesn’t like to hear the word “no”.

Patty Henchman (M/F 25 and up) Naive and sweet. Musician – fiddle, accordian guitar player . They are being used by Blad to extort others. They are very uncomfortable with what is planned but can’t figure a way out. Use of the instrument to communicate emotion and helps set the tone in the play is required. Excellent comic timing needed.

Dr. Morte (50 and up) A medical doctor with a bit of a checkered career. He is infatuated with Lynn and tries to get her family to set them up on a romantic journey.

First Produced:

December 2023


The play can be accessed by contacting the author at


This play is a Tibb’s Eve Farce and all characters are played for both physical and verbal comedy.
This is a high energy Christmas romp.

The play was orginally written with Sammy being a role for a child identifiying with a phyical disability. No individual came forward. Genders of children can be determined by the director. The character’s race is not indicated. There is “noise in the script like gun shots and an explosion. The play will require a prop rifle. It is never pointed at anyone.