Nobody’s Idol

Written by:

Alexandra Lean

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • LGBTQ+: 1
  • Men: 4
  • People of Colour: 3
  • Women: 4






90 min.

Year Written:



A musical parody of reality singing competitions where the God of Fame has the contestants compete for a lifetime supply of fame.

Misfits and wannabes duel with their voices for the grand prize, a ‘lifetime supply of fame’ at the world’s most popular televised competition. A kick-ass musical parody bursts onto the Toronto scene where Nobodies become Somebodies, or do they? What would you sing to become the ultimate somebody?


Fame is looking for the next somebody amongst the nobody’s. He/she/them is the god/goddess of fame and has been banished to earth and must prove himself worthy to get back to whence he came.

The Judges:
Mandy Paul is the most famous judge on the show. She will be played by a card-board cutout. (She won the first ever competition and the cardboard cutout was her prize).

Ty-Real is R&B singer slash mogul slash celebrity slash medium. He only communicates with the famous dead so much so that he has an album where he creates music with celebrities who have passed post mortem. (this is a whole concept album on its own)

Derek Worm is the has-been rock-star who still thinks he’s the shit.

The Contestants:
Chantelle Lafayette is a teenager who grew up doing Tiara’s on Tots and is obsessed with beauty and was almost Miss Universe but she went and got plastic surgery which ruined everything.

Amber, a woman obsessed with Derek Worm. She has been stalking him from a far for years and years and now has her sights set on him.

Jay-B is a rapper who wants to be legendary and be like the rapper’s he admires who died tragically and their music lived on beyond them.

Frances/Annie, a woman who sincerely believes she is the little orphan Annie.

First Produced:

2013 Toronto Fringe Festival; Randolph Theatre


The play can be accessed by emailing the playwright at