Perdita, or The Winter’s Tale

Written by:

Gyllian Raby

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 5






90 min.

Year Written:



Perdita, or The Winter’s Tale, views through the eyes of a child the chaos set in motion by a father’s paranoid jealousy. King Leontes’ psychosis is terrifying as he plots to kill his best friend Polixenes on suspicion of adultery with Queen Hermione. But when he threatens the lives of the Queen and her newborn daughter, Leontes succeeds only in killing his heir, the ailing prince Maximillius. In the storm of recrimination that follows, Max steps out of Time to save his baby sister, manipulating the Winter’s Tale by imagining reality anew. (From the Brock University Website)


1. Leontes -King of Sicilia, married to Hermione at the Court
2. Polyxenes -King of Bohemia, father to Florizel
3. Hermione – mother, Queen of Sicilia, married to Leontes
4. Camillo -advisor to Leontes
5. Maximilius -child prince of Sicilia /Time
6. Paulina – mature married to Antigonus Shepherd 2 / at the Court
7. Emilia – (from Bohemia) Body Guard for Polyxenes
8. Clio -a Lady of Hermione’s Court/ Dorcas in Bohemia
9. Antigonus married to Paulina/ Shepherd 3 in Bohemia
10. Dion Court official in charge of news from the Oracle/Mopsa in Bohemia
11. Florizel – son to Polyxenes in Bohemia
12. Guard/ Jailer/ Shepherd 4 in Bohemia
13. Perdita (f) lost daughter of Leonte and Hermione, in Bohemia

First Produced:

Brock University, February 2020.


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