Written by:

Claire Holland

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Women: 7




Gender Roles


60 min.

Year Written:



In Rattled, Lena’s having a baby shower. Her best friend Paige, childless by choice, is considering a move across the country but struggles to share the news with Lena whose newly-minted mommy status has left her preoccupied. Co-host of the party, Michelle, single and situationally infertile at forty, is doing her best to put on a brave face but finds herself at a crossroads. As games are played and presents are opened, friendships are tested and identities are challenged, making for an awkward afternoon.


Lena: A warm and easygoing woman in her mid-thirties who has just had her first child

Paige: A self-assured woman in her mid-thirties who does not want children—Lena’s best friend from high school

Michelle: An empathetic, artistic woman in her early forties who is struggling with the possibility of not having children—Lena’s colleague and close friend

Donna: A warm and grounded woman in her mid-fifties who was unable to have children—Lena’s favourite aunt, well known to Lena’s close friends

Grace: A sensible and thoughtful woman in her late thirties with three young children—new friend of Lena’s

Julia: A friendly, somewhat naïve woman in her early thirties with one child—new friend of Lena’s

Aundrea: A grounded, frank woman in her forties with two children—new friend of Lena’s


Rattled is available through the Canadian Play Outlet.


Rattled is a piece of research informed theatre based on a series of interviews with a group of 10 women from the Toronto area of varying ages and cultural backgrounds who do not have children. Rattled premiered at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace in Toronto on July 20, 2016 with the following cast and creative team:

Lena: Ximena Huizi

Paige: Nessya Dayan

Donna: Stacey Iseman

Michelle: Regan Brown

Julia: Kaya Bucholc

Aundrea: Fleur Jacobs

Grace: Carina Cojeen

Playwright/Director/Producer/Set and Costume Designer: Claire Holland

Stage Manager/Lighting Design: Lin-Mei Lay

Script Consultants: Amy Rosenthal and Taylor Hammond


Mention of miscarriage.