Sense and Sensibility

Written by:

Ellen Peterson

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 8


Period Piece




105 min.


An adaptation of Jane Austen’s first novel, Sense and Sensibility. Regency England was a time and place when class divisions and hard economic realities often trumped the longings of the heart. The Dashwood sisters and their mother, left badly off after Mr. Dashwood’s death, must try to make a future for themselves. Sensible Elinor, taking responsibility for the family, must guide her sister’s romantic nature into safe channels, while struggling with a bewildering attachment of her own. Austen’s characteristic biting wit and vivid characters come alive within a contemporary theatrical aesthetic.


There are 23 characters (10 male and 13 female). With doubling the play can be performed by a cast of 8 female and 5 male actors.

Women: ELINOR Dashwood, 19 / MARIANNE Dashwood, 17 / MRS. DASHWOOD, about 40 / MARGARET Dashwood, 14 / FANNY Dashwood, about 25 / MRS. FERRARS, 50 – 55 / LADY MARY Middleton, 25 – 35 / MRS. JENNINGS, 45 – 50 / LUCY Steele, 23 / ANNE Steele, 25 / SOPHIA Grey, 20 (non-speaking) / MRS. LILL, housekeeper to Mrs. Jennings / CONSTANCE, a servant to the DASHWOOD ladies

Men: JOHN Dashwood, 40 / EDWARD Ferrars, 25-30 / Sir John MIDDLETON, 40-50 / COLONEL BRANDON, 35-40 / John WILLOUGHBY, around 30 / ROBERT Ferrars, 23 / GAMMON, servant to John and Fanny Dashwood (non-speaking) / WIBBLES, servant to the Dashwood ladies / LAMPWYCK, a servant to Sir John Middleton and Lady Mary / MR. KEENAN, a physician (non-speaking)

First Produced:

2018, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre John Hirsch Mainstage


Sense and Sensibility is available through the CPO Website.

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