Written by:

Wren Brian

Cast Size:






    40 min.

    Year Written:



    Situation was commissioned by Gwaandak Theatre Society in partnership with the Yukon Human Rights Commission for Know More! A Free Virtual Conference on the topic of addressing workplace sexual harassment with dramaturgy by Yvette Nolan.

    This play is a complicated and nuanced look into the situations of several people who are dealing with workplace sexual harassment, but do not realize it. What is at first annoying, awkward and weird slowly grows into being detrimental to the employees’ health, but they don’t know what to do. On top of that, their employers aren’t sure what to do either. When do you take further steps? What do those look like? How do you make it stop?


    SHAWN: Somewhat recently began using different pronouns (in the script the right pronouns are they/them, the wrong pronouns are he/him – this is arbitrary, don’t read anything into it, please change depending on the actor cast). Partner to Avery. Is assistant manager at work, supervises Jody. The district manager is Jo.

    AVERY: Partner to Shawn. Works for an organization run by a board, and works in the office. Skylar is their co-worker, Francis is the president of the board.

    FRANCIS: Over 40. Friends with Jody. President on the board of the company that Avery & Skylar work for.

    JODY: Over 40. Friends with Francis. Works part time, sometimes supervised by Shawn. Jo is the district manager.

    JO: Full time district manager for the business that employs Shawn & Jody.

    SKYLAR: Co-worker to Avery, and has been there longer. Also same gender identity as Avery.

    RAE: Supervisor to Avery and Skylar.

    ROBIN: Francis’s potential love interest.

    ADDITIONAL CAST: Two coworkers of Jody, who are supervised by Shawn.

    Casting Note: Characters can be played by actors of any gender, any ancestry, and nearly any age or ability. Every effort should be made for the play to be cast primarily, if not entirely, with actors who identify as disabled, female, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA2S+

    First Produced:

    Gwaandak Theatre Society, March 2021


    Situation is available through the CPO Website.

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    Misgendering, unwanted physical contact (not sexual), brief discussion of anxiety and medication.