Sticky Fingers

Written by:

Lezlie Wade

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 12


Children's Theatre




120 min.

Year Written:



When Hans and Greta become suspicious of their councillor’s motives, they, along with the help of their street-wise cabin mates, escape into the enchanted Verboten Woods to seek help.

Once there, they seek refuge in the cottage of Hazel, a good witch who has been cursed by Wilhelma to remain trapped forever in her gingerbread house.

Wilhelma demands Hazel return Hans and Greta, but Hazel plans to reverse the curse. Hazel is freed with the children’s help, and Wilhelma is captured.

In the end, the children teach the wicked witches that to be beautiful, they must try to be nice.

With Wilhelma no longer influencing them, the witches immediately begin to see the positive effects of being kind by reuniting the children with their parents.


1. Hans Leiderhosen – (M) 10+ – Well behaved, enthusiastic, optimistic, kind, curious

2. Greta Leiderhosen – (F) 10+ – adventurous, logical, well-read, understanding,

3. Seigfried Zettenbaugher – (M) 11+ – A real know-it-all, extremely smart, memorizes everything, loves to be right, hates to be wrong. Hardly ever does anything outside. Not at all athletic.

4. Zelda Binx (F) 11+ – Rebellious, spirited, demanding, obstinate. Compulsive. Takes everything way too seriously. If you aren’t going to do something right, don’t even try. Hard on herself, and others.

5. Ingrid Igbar – (F) 11+ – Vain, loves to have her photo taken, needs to be the centre of attention, worries constantly about how she looks, her weight, and her clothes. Refuses to do anything that might break a nail or mess up her hair.

6. Werner Luchman – (M) 11+ – Bored, always exhausted, hates everything, needs to be rewarded for everything he does, unmotivated, undisciplined, sloppy

7. Romilda – (F) 20 + – WITCH / Music Instructor – wicked, amusing, exuberant, romantic. Wants to be beautiful to find love. Loves soap operas and Wuthering Heights.

8. Dakmar – (F) 20+ – WITCH / DRAMA INSTRUCTOR – Creative, impulsive, passionate, obsessive, jealous. Takes her job VERY seriously. Imagines herself a playwright and wants to be taken seriously. She’s a frustrated actress!!Wants to be beautiful to be on stage.

9. Wilhelma – (F)40+ – HEAD WITCH / Practical, disciplined, organized, no-nonsense type. Educated, principled (when it comes to being evil) vain.

10. Gullveig (F) 40+ – WITCH / CAMP COOK AND HANDY-WOMAN – Disgruntled, frustrated, sick of being over-looked for all of her contributions. Responsible for inventing the magical elixir and wants to be acknowledged. Is especially interested in being noticed by Wilhelma.

11. Friedberta (F) 20+ – WITCH / CANOE AND WATER SPORTS INSTRUCTOR. Also Tennis. Energetic, sporty, impatient. Always on the go. Wants to be beautiful to enter the summer Olympics and then make money selling energy drinks. Disdainful of everyone who doesn’t exercise.

12. Norgard (M or F) 40+ – WITCH / DANCE INSTRUCTOR AND WRESTLING COACH. Norgard looks like an old rock and roll idol. He /She is accustomed to being listened to and idolized. Great dancer. Still living in the late 70’s early 80’s.
Also plays the POSTAL WORKER.

13. Burgard (F)40+ – WITCH / PAINTING, ARTS AND CRAFTS, Self-indulgent, fanatical, demanding, insightful. Burgard is very eccentric. She’s kind of Sybill Trelawney in Harry Potter. Big Glasses or perhaps she carries binoculars to see. Her paintings are meant to be realistic but end up looking weird and abstract. She gets hysterical easily. Never quite knows what’s going on.

14. Mother / Witch Hazel – 40+ – (F) compassionate, kind, caring. HAZEL is eccentric but fun and courageous.

First Produced:

Yellow Door Theatre Company 2022


The play can be accessed by contacting the playwright at


This is really a show best done for Families. It requires a cast of six children and nine adults. Witches focus prominently in the play, good and bad.