The Collectors

Written by:

Shannon Bramer

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Indigenous Peoples: 6
  • LGBTQ+: 6
  • Men: 4
  • People of Colour: 6
  • People with Disabilities: 6
  • Women: 2




Mental Health


50 min.

Year Written:



The Collectors is the second play in Bramer’s three-play collection Trapsongs.

Hannah Parson, a young woman in her mid to late 30s, is harassed by three collection agents who force her to confront her debt and isolation as she struggles to create meaningful art in her dishevelled apartment. Each collector takes a different approach with Hannah: Mrs. Smith is maternal; Mr. Maggat is persistent and foolish; Mr. Virtue, forceful and lascivious. Jim, Hannah’s landlord, also comes to call. The collectors are Hannah’s companions. She anticipates their calls and engages with them as if she were playing an important, if painful, game. The collectors work together to distract and humiliate her, causing her to question the value of what she is trying to make, and ultimately prevent her from making anything at all.


Hannah Parson: A thoughtful, dishevelled, coquettish woman in her 30s

Mrs. Smith: A busy, drunken collection agent. Could also be matronly.

Mr. Maggat: A round and slovenly collection agent.

Mr. Virtue: A skinny, birdlike collection agent with a deep, cold voice. Profoundly frightening.

Martin: Hannah’s ex-boyfriend. Thin, otherworldly, robotic.

Jim: Hannah’s landlord: Rugged. Unshaven. Might have a ponytail.

First Produced:

Toronto Fringe Festival, 2013


The play was published in December 2020 (Bookhug Press) as part of a three volume collection of plays entitled TRAPSONGS. The book includes archival information, production stills and an introduction by Sara Tilley.

Trapsongs can also be found at the Canadian Play Outlet.


More info on Shannon can be found on Canadian Women Playwrights Online.


*the characters in this play may be played by persons of all backgrounds, genders and abilities*