The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr

Written by:

Jovette Marchessault, Translated by Linda Gaboriau

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Indigenous Peoples: 2
  • Men: 2
  • Women: 4


Quebec Theatre


Canadian History

Year Written:



In The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr, Emily Carr lived in a magical place that she had christened The House of All Sorts. In this House which is open to all that is vital on Earth, Emily Carr, with all her greatness and her imperfections, receives visitors from her planet: Lisse, her sister, is greeted with war whoops and rebuffs, for Lizzie is the adversary, as is all Victorian society; Sophie her Amerindian friend, who brings messages, reminders and lessons from life; Lawren Harris, her young painter friend from the Group of Seven, who wants to free painting from dogma and revolutionize art in Canada; the Soul Tuner who hears her cry and vibrates to her thoughts of adoration and compassion… and D’Sonoqua, the Goddess-Mother on her phosphorescent pedestal, who beckons to Emily from the old world of legends.


Emily Carr, in her late fifties.

Lizzie Carr, Emily’s sister, in her sixties.

Sophie, Emily’s Amerindian friend, in her early forties.

D’Sonoqua, Amerindian Goddess.

Lawren Harris, painter from the Group of Seven and Emily Carr’s young friend. In his thirties.

The Soul Tuner, the grave man, in his thirties.

First Produced:

Théâtre d' Aujord'hui, Montreal, 1990. English translation first produced at the Belfry Theatre, Victoria, 1992.


The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr is available through Talonbooks.

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