The Margaret

Written by:

Beverly Brett

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • Women: 4




Social Services


115 min.

Year Written:



“Chronicles the epic saga of dissident Highland Presbyterian Minister Norman MacLeod and the Gaelic community of St. Ann’s, Cape Breton in the last days before they embark on a migration to New Zealand. Norman, revolutionary turned tyrant, battles with a merchant when the potato famine threatens and his connection to God is questioned by the community when he orders a harsh punishment of the son of one of his strongest followers. A love affair blossoms between Norman’s daughter, Margaret, and a lowland sailor.” (From the CPO Website)


Norman MacLeod: 70, A fiery, unordained , dissident , visionary Presbyterian minister who led his flock of Highland Gaels from Scotland to Cape Breton to Australia to New Zealand in early 1800s. Eloquent, educated, powerful orator.

Paigi (Margaret) MacLeod: 22, Norman’s daughter, pretty, fiery, favoured, well educated. Falls in love with Hugh Anderson.

James MacLeod: 35, Norman’s son, disliked, oblivious to taunts, sly, a bully.

Hugh Anderson: 30, Navigator, English speaking sailor from Aberdeen, Scotland who’s boat gets stranded in St. Ann’s. He falls in love with Paigi. Worldly.

The Normanites:

Angus MacDonald: 50, farmer, fisherman, devout worshipper and follower of Norman.

Mae MacDonald: 48, Angus’ wife, passionate, loves her family, dislikes Norman. Gave up many Gaelic traditions to follow her husband.

Calum MacDonald: 10, Their son, curious, imaginative, sees visions, ghosts.

Mary Tommy MacKenzie: 70, blind follower of Norman, out lived three husbands, gossipy, self important, a kind of Nanny to James and Paigi.

Hector Carmichael: 45 – 50, ship navigator, fiddle player, story teller, keeper of Gaelic traditions, tolerates Norman and is tolerated by Norman for his nautical skills, keeps his fiddle out of Norman’s way. Worldly.

2 Ravens: Sarah Og and Rod MacKay, They represent the community and make up the Gaelic singing chorus with the cast. Followers of Norman, they gossip and comment on events. Combine old Gaelic beliefs with Christian ones.

First Produced:

2002, St. Ann's Bay Players


The Margaret is available through the CPO Website.

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