The Oba Asks for a Mountain

Written by:

Gail Nyoka

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:


Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 6
  • People of Colour: 8
  • Women: 2




African Myth


40 min.

Year Written:



In far-off Nigeria, The Oba, a king of great wealth and power, wants it ALL, and expects to get what he wants. And he wants the lands of the Ilesha people. Most people would simply do what he asks, but when he comes up against the wit and humor of three young friends who call these lands home, he may have asked for more than he bargained for. The Oba has no excuse to make was on Ilesha, so he demands tribute by creating impossible tasks for the people to perform. The Oba is foiled by the quick thinking of a young man named Agiri-Asasa.

The Oba Asks for a Mountain is based on a folk tale from Nigeria. Music, and dance are integral to the production.


AGIRI-ASASA: A young man, a thinker.
DAYO: Agiri’s brother; a young man of action.
OSHUN: Goddess of the River. She always wears yellow.
ABENI: Young woman. (Also plays the part of OSHUN).
MESSENGER 1/GUARD: Guard at the Oba’s palace.
MESSENGER 2: Guard at the Oba’s palace. Also plays HERDSMAN.
THE OBA: Wealthy ruler of a large kingdom.

First Produced:

Talespinner Children's Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio, 2018


The Oba Asks for a Mountain is available through the Canadian Play Outlet.

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“Gail Nyoka’s play is concise and compelling, and keeps the attention of everyone from youngsters to grandparents.” – Cleve Review