The Paradise Arms

Written by:

Olivier Sylvestre, translated by Leanna Brodie

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • LGBTQ+: 1
  • Men: 3
  • Women: 2




Mental Health


75 min.

Year Written:



It’s just an ordinary building, sweetie. An apartment building like every other apartment building on the planet… with a mouth, a heart, a liver, lungs, blood vessels, and a spine. An ordinary building.”

In The Paradise Arms (original French title: La Beauté du Monde), Olivier Sylvestre’s poetic and chilling debut play follows its hero through a nightmarish existential crisis in a basement apartment… in a building that seems to be trying to swallow its tenants whole.


OLIVIER, 25, the one it happens to

DANY, 20, the one who finds him

MARYLINE, 25, the one who wants him back

SYLVIE, 45, the one who will love him

MONSIEUR PICARD, 45, the one he’s going to turn into

ALEX, 25, the one who wants to transform him

This play features a character with a non-binary gender identity (Alex).

First Produced:

Théâtre I.N.K at Théâtre Aux Écuries, Montreal, QC, 2015


Inquiries about The Paradise Arms can be sent to the playwright’s website. See also: the CEAD website.

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This new translation, commissioned by Pi Theatre, was supported by the Glassco Translation Residency in Translation in Tadoussac, Quebec (a project of Playwrights Workshop Montreal). It had a public reading on May 18, 2017 at the PTC Test Kitchen in Vancouver. The director was Keltie Brown Forsyth, and the cast was Conor Wylie, Sarah Roa, France Perras, Nathan Barrett, Todd Thomson, and Nneka Croal.

As a finalist in the Safe Words competition hosted by safeword theatre, it also had a public reading on June 1, 2018 at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. The director was Eric Benson, and the cast was Scott Emerson Moyle, Amy Keller, Liz Best, Alex Zonjic, M. John Kennedy, and Krystina Bojonowski. (From the Playwrights Website)