The Passion

Written by:

Laurie Fyffe

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 4
  • Women: 8






120 min.

Year Written:



“In The Passion, locked in a struggle with the alienists she believes are trying to destroy her spiritualist cause, an obsessed medium, in 1894, conspires to have herself committed to the Rockwood Asylum for the Insane. But life inside Rockwood proves more dangerous–and haunting–than Emma Warner, or her doctors, could ever have imagined.” (From the CPO Website)


Emma Warner: Star Medium for the Society of The Cosmic Rose.

Zfephirine Dejenais: Head of the Society of the Cosmic Rose.

Harold Sutton: Physician and head surgeon, Rockwood Asylum.

Charlotte Hood: Head Matron, Rockwood Asylum.

Graham Randal: Physician, Rockwood Asylum. Newly arrived.

Ishbel Jarvis: Zfephirine’s Ward, a member of the Society of the Cosmic Rose and apprentice medium.

Sarah Brown: A patient at Rockwood.

Inspector Fletcher: Physician and Inspector of Prisons and Asylums.

Nurse Constance: Nurse at Rockwood Asylum.

Cordelia Dare: Alias Julian Pender, a reporter for the Kingston Whig Standard.

Woman at seance

Man at seance

First Produced:

2003, Theatre Kingston


The Passion is available through the CPO Website.

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The Passion was commissioned in 1995 by the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa, Artistic Director Micheline Chevrier.

In May of 2008, the play was revised.