The Perfect Man

Written by:

Sara Kreindler

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 7




Self Discovery


90 min.

Year Written:



The Perfect Man: A reality dating show – bizarre situations, wacky characters, and cheesy tropes galore! Anthropologist Anita becomes a contestant in order to study technology-mediated romance. But then she meets the bachelor: her high school crush. Clayton doesn’t recognize her, and Anita hides behind her notebook. However, encouraged by fish-out-of-water host Jerry (a shy nature documentarian catapulted into reality TV), she decides to get in the game. Soon, she’s swept up in its unreal world. The new Anita is confident and sassy, unlike the lonely, bullied nerd of yesteryear. At last, the romance she’s dreamed of is blossoming under the TV cameras – until bombshell mean-girl Stephanie arrives. Suddenly, Anita is fighting desperately to prevent Heartbreak 2.0. Can she really rewrite the past? And at what cost?

A satire with a heart – and an exuberant score that evokes classic Broadway.


Note 1: Chorus roles are additional to the 9 above – total cast size up to 31

Note 2: Two female characters come out as bisexual, but I didn’t think that qualified as designated roles for 2SLGBTQIA+. No roles are specific to People of Colour or Indigenous Peoples, but all could be played by someone of any race/ethnicity. No characters have an identified disability, but that shouldn’t preclude casting performers with disabilities.

ANITA – an anthropology prof with a wry sense of humour and a hidden vulnerable side, late 20s

JERRY – a sweet, brainy zoologist and first-time host of “The Perfect Man,” early 30s.

CLAYTON – “The Perfect Man,” charming and successful but a bit of a lunkhead, late 20s

REESE – a perky, cute kindergarten teacher, early/mid-20s

CAROL – a ballsy, hot-headed but warm-hearted fitness instructor, mid-20s

BECKY – a zany individual with multiple health issues and no boundaries, 20s

DANIELLE – a buxom person who does not catch on quickly, mid-20s

STEPHANIE – a bombshell, queen bee/mean girl dance instructor, late 20s

MIROSLAVA – a celebrity romance guru, middle-aged (may be double-cast with BECKY)

BACHELORETTES (up to 19; female-identified)
CAMERA OPERATORS (3; any gender)

First Produced:

A public reading was done through the Manitoba Association of Playwrights,


The play can be accessed by emailing