The Revenge of the Dinosaur Lady

Written by:

Mary Humphrey Baldridge

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 3






60 min.

Year Written:



Evelyn Buckles Brown is working on her trashy love novel late at night when someone appears at the front door and then, using a key, enters the house. It’s her ex-husband Christopher Brown, actor, and he wants to stay overnight–which turns into stay until he can get back on his feet again–which throws Evelyn into a tailspin, while her daughter Libby starts dreaming they might get back together again. Libby’s boyfriend, a clown on roller skates, is thrilled to meet her father, the famous actor. Christopher thinks that Evelyn has lost her marbles; for one thing, she has painted the house red. When he discovers she will be paid for writing her novel, he wonders if there might be a part in it for him. As Evelyn works on her novel, the villain (a dual part played by same actor as Christopher Brown) and the “hero”, brigand Cosmos Grimaldi, come to life.

When the two men fight for her–a sword fight in the living room and up and down the staircase–Evelyn enters into the fantasy, and when Cosmos finally dispatches Christopher Masters a.k.a Christopher Brown, she is emboldened to throw her ex-husband out, once and for all. However, it turns out that someone is coming to interview Evelyn the following morning, and while she gets dressed and her ex packs up to leave, first Tony arrives for banana muffins on his roller skates, followed by Bunny, who threw Chris out of her apartment, finally followed by the arrival of a man who looks suspiciously like Cosmos Grimaldi!


Evelyn Buckles Brown, middle-aged playwright

Libby, Evelyn’s daughter

Christopher Brown

Christian Masters, Evelyn’s ex-husband, an actor

Tony, Libby’s well-built boyfriend, a professional clown on roller skates

Cosmos Grimaldi, middle-aged

Bunny, Chris’s ex-girlfriend

First Produced:

2015, Brant Theatre Workshop


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If possible, Bunny should be carrying a small dog. The dog’s name is Bipper.