The Sandy Triptych

Written by:

Lisa Coleman-Brown

Artist/Creator(s) Identify As:

D/deaf, Disabled, and/or Mad

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 7
  • People with Disabilities: 3
  • Women: 4






40 min.

Year Written:



The Sandy Triptych is the one act, three scene, dramedy adaptation of three unpublished autobiographical short stories by the late, well respected, Toronto disabilities activist Sandra Carpenter.

In Scene 1, “Hope”, Sandy is living in Bloorview’s Home for “Crippled” Children and is with her disabled friends on a field trip to an Easter Seals telethon at O’Keefe Center where she meets the celebrity Bob Hope.

Scene 2, “The Wheel of Woe”, is in the style of a tv game show where Sandy meets “The Nurse of Good Intentions” and gleefully tap dancing “The Grim Reaper of Pain” – while spinning the wheel of woe her painful childhood operations for her SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy disability are described.

In Scene 3, “Just Like Real Kids”, Sandy and her disabled friends are on a field trip, organized by an eager service club so that they can experience the adventure of going fishing. Special, secret, arrangements have been made with a volunteer frogman to guarantee the catch of quite cold already dead fish!

(The three scenes in this triptych can also be performed as stand alone plays.)


SANDY, disabled girl in wheelchair 11 yr old Sc.1 / 13 yr old Sc.2 / 14 yr old Sc.3

EDDIE, disabled boy in wheelchair 11 yr old Sc.1

BIG LOUIE, go getter volunteer Sc.1

LADY, women’s auxiliary member Sc.1

BOB HOPE, celebrity entertainer Sc.1

ANNOUNCER’S VOICE, off stage, Sc. 1, Sc. 2

NURSE, Sc.2 in old fashioned white uniform and cap carries oversized syringe and has a beauty queen sash from shoulder to waist reading Medicine on back and Good Intentions on front.

PAIN, Sc.2 tap dancing hooded grim reaper dressed all in red with the word PAIN across his
chest, in place of a scythe carries oversized scalpel.

FRED, disabled boy in wheelchair 14 yr old, Sc.3

JILL, loud and perky volunteer 18 yr old, Sc.3

FROGMAN, service club male volunteer, Sc. 3


The Sandy Triptych is available through the Canadian Play Outlet.

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Suggest casting of child/teen persons with disabilities actors. The 3 separate scenes can also be performed as stand-alone one act plays. Additional disabled child characters can be added to on stage crowd in Scenes 1 and 3.