The Thin Man

Written by:

Lucia Frangione

Cast Size:

Roles For:

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 3






110 min.

Year Written:



It’s Christmas eve, 1933 in The Thin Man. Nick is a retired detective married to Nora, a wealthy heiress who imports silk from China. They’ve headed to New York for a Christmas getaway with his best friend, Mack. They all quickly become embroiled in a murder mystery featuring Nick’s former boss, two of his ex-lovers, some wild children and a speakeasy full of seedy ex-cons. As much as Nick wishes he could escape his past, Nora finds all this detective work very intriguing.


This play can be performed with eight actors (5M, 3F) and up to twenty actors.

1) Nick Charles – 40-50. A San Francisco ex-detective. Sexy, smart, charming, Greek ancestry.

2) Nora Charles – 40-50. A witty, elegant San Franciscan heiress of Chinese heritage.

3) Mimi Jorgensen – 40-50. Mimi is a lusty carnivore in jewels.

4) Dorothy Wynant – 20. A fair, bruised beauty, naively experimenting with her sexual power. She expects to have a real psychotic breakdown shortly.

Marion/Redhead guest – Marion is a brash torch singer who never learned to dance. (both can be doubled with Mimi or Dorothy)

5) Gilbert Wynant – 18. Gilbert is a bespectacled genius, boyish and frail.

Arthur Nunheim/officer 1 – 30s. Nunheim is a nervy heroin user. He can be doubled with Gilbert.

6) Shep Morelli – 40-50. Shep is a bruiser drug lord, prides himself on his loyalty.

Christien/homesick guest/bellhop/waiter – 30-40. Christien is an extremely handsome gigolo who speaks French. He can be doubled with Shep.

7) Lieutenant Guild – 40-60. Guild is a long-suffering jaded copper with a bad cold.

Studsy/lascivious guest – 40-50. Studsy is a friendly but physically intimidating ex-con who is very proud of his new speakeasy. Can be doubled with Lt. Guild.

8) Mac – 30-50. Herbert Macaulay is an honest face in a good suit. Reliable and quick.

Sparrow/officer 2 – 30-60. Sparrow is an obese drunkard with a high, thin voice. Can be doubled with Mac.

First Produced:

Commissioned and produced by Vertigo Theatre, Calgary; co-produced with Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon, 2018


For inquiries about The Thin Man, contact the playwright’s representation at:

For more information about the playwright and her work, visit the CWPO collection.

The Thin Man can also be accessed at the Canadian Play Outlet.


There is a famous dog, Asta, written into the show. It is written to support the idea of having a dog that is never seen, only suggested, with clever staging and slight of hand. One could use a real dog if they wished. The original production used a puppet.

Based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett.

Visit the playwright’s website here.